The CPAM Plasma Seminar Series contains videotaped lectures from the worlds leading authorities on a wide range of Plasma related issues.

John Loeffelholz (608)262-1144

The lectures are listed here in alphabetical order by author, follwed by lecture title and date of recording.

Prof. Barbara Abraham-Shrauner Models for Plasma Etching Washington University 3/19/93

Dr. Ion Abraham Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy in Halocarbon Plasmas UW-Madison 3/26/99

Prof. James B. Adams Speculations on Modeling Growth of Thin Films by Plasma Processing University of Illinois–Urbana 2/14/92

Prof. Ilesanmi Adesida Plasma Processing of InP and Related Compounds University of Illinois Urbana 4/3/92

Dr. M. Grant Albrecht Plasma Processing for the Microfabrication of Novel SERS Substrates 3/25/94

Dr. Ralph Alexander Beamline Ion Implantation on an Industrial Scale Ion Surface Technology, Inc. 4/17/91

Dr. Andre Anders Cathodic Arc Plasmas: Some Fundamentals & Application to TFD & PIII Lawrence Berkeley National Lab 10/23/98

Prof. Harold Anderson Plasma Diagnostics and Sensors for Process Control and Tool Development University of New Mexico 4/21/95

Dr. Yasmin Andrew Development & Application of a Thermal Helium Diagnostic for JET C-PAM 1/22/99

Prof. Jes Asmussen Microwave Processing of Materials: An Electrical Engineering Perspective Michigan State University 10/16/92

Dr. Edward Augustyniak Microwave Spectroscopy of Fluorinated Plasmas ERC 12/8/95

Dr. Osama Awadelkarim Relative Etching of Silicon: Material Exposed to Different Plasma University of Linkoping, Sweden 12/17/91

Prof. Eray Aydil Application of Total Internal Reflection FTIR Spectroscopy as a Diagnostic University of California--Santa Barbara 4/3/98

*Dr. Michael Barnes Development of an Inductive Source for Oxide Etch IBM 10/29/93

Professor Maria Barone Atomic-Scale Modeling of Silicon Surface and Subsurface Processing University of California-Santa Barbara 3/8/96

Dr. Neil Benjamin In Search of the Perfect Plasma Lam Research Corporation 4/23/93

Prof. Christopher C. Berndt Acoustic Emission Studies for Crack Assessment of Thermal Spray Materials SUNY at Stonybrook 2/21/97

Prof. Charles K. Birdsall Waves and Oscillations at Bounded Plasma Edge University of California-Berkeley10/25/96

Prof. Søren Bisgaard The Application of Statistics and Design of Experiments in Plasma ERC Processing

Prof. Søren Bisgaard Statistical Optimization of Plasma Processes ERC 9/14/90

*Prof. Søren Bisgaard The Use and Design of Experiments in Plasma Research ERC 9/30/94

Prof. Soren Bisgaard Designs of Experiments ERC 11/8/96

Prof. Stephen G. Bishop The ERC for Compound Semiconductor Microelectronics University of Illinois Urbana 3/27/92

Mr. Glenn Boda Materials Characterization MATC2/12/99

Prof. Jacek Borysow Time Resolved Laser Diagnostics of Low-Pressure Pulsed Electrical Pulses Michigan Technological University 2/14/97

Dr. Rod Boswell RF Diffusion Plasma Etching Systems Australian National University 10/22/90

Dr. Rod Boswell Optoelectronic Device Processing at the Australian National University Australian National University 11/16/92

Dr. Rod Boswell Roles of Ions in Depositions of Silicon Dioxides Australian National University 10/25/96

Prof. Ian Brown Industrial Applications of Metal Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation University of California-Berkeley 10/27/95

Dr. Valentine Buchovetz Low Temperature Plasma Etching of Different Forms of Carbon and Boron Nitride Academy of Science of USSR 11/6/90

Dr. Richard Buss Molecular Beam Studies of Plasma Chemistry Sandia National Laboratories 9/16/94

Prof. Emily Carter Reaction Dynamics on Siv (100) from First Principles University of California Los Angeles 4/22/94

Dr. Y. David Chan Using Electrical Test Structures in Evaluating Polysilicon Gate Etch Damage SEMATECH 10/8/93
(with Dr. John Martin)

Dr. Lap Chan Manufacturable Submicron Polysilicon Gate Processing Honeywell, Inc. 11/9/90

Dr. Chong H. Chang Ambipolar Diffusion in Two-Temperature Multicomponent Plasmas Lockheed Technologies Idaho Company 10/6/95

Prof. Francis F. Chen Helicon Wave Sources for Plasma Processing and Advanced Accelerators UCLA 10/4/91

Dr. Jian Chen Microwave Spectroscopy in an Electron-Cyclotron-Resonance Deposition System ERC10/22/93

Dr. Yan -Tse Cheng A Comparison Between High and Low Energy Ion Beam Mixing at Different Temperatures General Motors Research Labs 3/1/91

Mr. Hae-Nuh Chu Plasma Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition of Diamond Films and the Development of a Gas Temperature Diagnostic ERC 3/15/91

Prof. Rady Chuzo Synthesis and Some Properties of the Super-structural Densely Packed Academy of Science of Intrusion Phases USSR 11/6/90

Prof. James Coburn Surface Science Aspects of Plasma-Assisted Etching University of California-Berkeley 1/26/96

Prof. Daniel Cohn Environmental Cleanup Applications of Plasma Massachusetts Institute of Technology 4/29/94

Prof. Bill Costerton Microbial Biofilms: The Sneaky Problem in Medicine and Engineering Montana State University 10/20/95

Dr. Jerome J. Cuomo Materials Overview Emphasizing Diamond and Diamond-Like Carbon IBM 5/10/91

Dr. O. Demokan Ion Implantation in Confined, Pinching Metallic Plasmas Middle East Technical University 10/2/98

Dr. Ferencz Denes New Approaches for Synthesis of Organic Compounds Petru Poni Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry 12/10/91

Dr. Ferencz Denes Synthesis of Biopolymers Under Cold Plasma Conditions Petru Poni Institute of Macromolecular
Chemistry 11/26/91

Dr. Jacques Derouard Charged Particle Dynamics in Glow Discharges Probed by Optical and Electrical Diagnostics University of Grenoble 10/15/90

Mr. Ji Ding Etching Rate Characterization of SiO2 and Si in a CF4/O2/Ar ECR Plasma ERC 1/22/93

Dr. Vincent Donnelly Surface Reactions and Mechanisms During Plasma Etching of Silicon AT&T Bell Laboratories 3/31/95

Prof. Chuang Dong Research Activities at the State Key Lab for Materials Modification Dalian University of Technology 9/4/98

Prof. Demetre Economou Multidimensional Simulation of Plasma Processing Reactors University of Houston 11/11/94

Prof. Philip Efthimion High Pressure Plasma Sources Princeton University 3/18/94

Dr. Patrick O. Egan Large Area Plasma Sources Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 11/17/95

Prof. Douglas Ernie Parameter Dependence of Ion Surface Flux in RF Discharges University of Minnesota 3/8/91

Prof. Kasra Etemadi Thermal Plasma Physical Vapor Deposition University of Buffalo 9/28/90

Prof. Ellen Fisher Probing the Energetics and Surface Reactivity of Plasma-Generated Radicals. Colorado State University 2/6/98

Prof. Daniel Flamm Mechanisms of Silicon and Silicon Oxide Etching University of California-Berkeley 12/7/90

Dr. Guadelupe Fortuno-Wiltshire Etch and Damage Characterization of an Electron Cyclotron Resonance Reactor and Cryogenic Etching IBM 11/1/91

Dr. John Foster An Investigation of Ionized Physical Vapor Phenomenon. ERC 10/17/97

Mr. James Friedmann Investigations of Excessive Gate-Leakage Currents in 0.8µm Devices at Honeywells Solid State Engineering Center ERC 9/27/91

Prof. Barbara Garrison Computer Modeling of Processes Relevant to Growth and Etching of Solids Pennsylvania State University 11/12/93

Dr. Richard Geller ECR Ion Sources for Multiply Charged Ions CNRS at Grenoble 10/24/90

Camille George Numerical Simulation of a Multi-Component Reacting Flow in a Supersonic DC Torch Nozzle University of Minnesota 11/1/96

Prof. William Gerberich Microscratch Analysis of Thin Film Adhesion ERC 11/22/91

Prof. Ward Getty A Size Scalable ECR Plasma Source Based on Permanent Magnets and Waveguide Coupling University of Michigan 10/15/93

Prof. Michael Gevelber Modeling and Control of Induction Plasma Deposition Boston University 3/6/92

Dr. Abe Ghanbari Microcontamination Control in the Semiconductor Industry Materials Research Corp. 4/19/96

Prof. Yogesh B. Gianchandani Microstructures and Microsystems Using the Dissolved Wafer Process. UW-Madison, ECE 10/24/97

Dr. Konstantinos P. Giapis Dynamics of Steady-State Etching with Hyperthermal Neutral Beams California Institute of Technology 12/2/94

Dr. Konstantinos P. Giapis The Physics of Plasma-Induced Charging and Discharging California Institute of Technology 10/3/97

Prof. R.M. Gilgenbach Plasma Dynamics of Energy Beam Ablation of Materials University of Michigan 10/11/96

Dr. Steven L. Girshick Diamond CVD using RF Induction Plasmas: Fluid Flow, Growth Chemistry and Film Quality University of Minnesota 2/3/95

Dr. Steven L. Girshick Materials Synthesis in Thermal Plasmas: Ceramic Powders and Diamond Films ERC 4/5/91

Dr. V.A. Godyak Electrical Characteristics of Parallel Plate RF Discharges in Argon GTE Laboratories 2/15/91

Dr. Matthew J. Goeckner Ion Dynamics in a Magnetron Discharge ERC 1/25/91

Dr. Matthew J. Goeckner LIF Measurement of the Dynamics of Pulsed Planar Sheaths ERC 9/24/93

Prof. K.S. Golovanivsky The GYRAC: Physics and Applications Centre d Etudes Nucléaires, Grenoble 11/5/90

Prof. Robert M. Goodman Remarkable Diversity of Microorganisms in Natural Environments University of Wisconsin at Madison 2/7/97

Prof. John A. Goree Plasma Crystals: A Macroscopic Model of Solid and Liquid Atomic Structure Using Microspheres Levitated in an RF Glow Discharge University of Iowa 11/18/94

Dr. R.H. Goulding Inductive Plasma Source Work at Oak Ridge National Laboratory Oak Ridge National Laboratory 2/19/99

Prof. David Graves Modeling Low Pressure Plasmas w/ Fluid Models: Comparison to Experiment, Monte Carlo & Nonlocal Electron Kinetic Treatments University of California-Berkeley 3/1/96

Prof. David B. Graves Particulate Transport and Trapping in Low Pressure Plasmas University of California-Berkeley 2/5/93

Prof. David B. Graves Studies of Plasma-Surface Interactions in Plasma Processing UC Berkeley 12/11/98

Dr. Gareth Guest Some Basic Aspects of ECR Plasma Sources Applied Microwave Plasma Concepts, Inc. 12/4/92

Dr. Stephen Harris A Mechanism for Diamond Growth from Methyl Radicals General Motors Corporation 11/2/90

Dr. Seishiro Hashiguchi A Continuum Model of Glow Discharges to Study a Full Color Plasma-Display Panel Kyoto Institute of Technology 11/20/91

Prof. Daniel Hastings The Arcing Rate for a High Voltage Solar Array: Theory and Experiments Massachusetts Institute of Technology 10/1/93

Dr. Gerry Hays Sandia/SEMATECH Plasma Modeling Program Sandia National Laboratories 11/19/93

Prof. Joachim Heberlein Plasma Torch Characterization ERC, University of Minnesota 2/28/97

Dr. Joachim Heberlein New Developments in Understanding Wire Arc Spraying University of Minnesota 4/9/99

Prof. Noah Hershkowitz Mechanical Variation of Plasma Potential Electron Temperature and Plasma Density ERC 2/28/92

Prof. Noah Hershkowitz Real-time Control of Plasma Etching and Deposition in an Inductive Plasma Tool ERC12/6/96

Prof. Dennis W. Hess Silicon Oxidation and Photoresist Stripping in Oxygen Plasmas Lehigh University 11/13/92

Prof. Nick Hitchon The Role of Theory in the ERC for Plasma-Aided Manufacturing and How We Can Help You ERC 1/24/92

Prof. Nick Hitchon Tools for Setting Up Simulations in Applied Physics UW-Madison 3/20/98

Prof. David Hofeldt Laser Diagnostics for RF Plasma Temperature Profiles and Arc Spray Particle Measurements University of Minnesota 9/4/92

*Dr. William M. Holber Substrate Bias Effects in an ECR Plasma Reactor IBM 4/12/91

Prof. Jeffrey Hopwood Ionized Physical Vapor Deposition of ULSI Integrated Circuit Interconnects. Northeastern University 4/17/98

*Dr. Jeffrey A. Hopwood Silicon Etching Using a Multipolar Electron Cyclotron Resonance Source Michigan State University 9/7/90

Dr. Yasuhiro Horiike Recent Progress on Plasma Applications to Etching and Filling in VLSI Process Hiroshima University10/23/92

Dr. Zdenek Horak New Compatibilizers for Blending of Immiscible Polymers Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, Czech Republic 9/26/97

Dr. Wen L. Hsu Quantitative Analyses During Diamond Chemical Vapor Deposition Sandia National Laboratories 3/26/93

Dr. R. Itatani On Efforts to Control Reactive Plasmas in Japan Kyoto University 10/12/90

Dr. Glenn Joyce Particle Simulation of a Chlorine Gas ECR Discharge Plasma Naval Research Laboratory 12/4/98

Dr. Charles Jurgensen The Evolution of Topography in Dry Etching Processes AT&T Bell Laboratories 9/17/93

Dr. Abraham Kadish Macroscopic Modeling of Electrical Discharges Los Alamos National Laboratory 4/26/91

Dr. Doug Keil Profile Control of Sub-0.3mm Contact Etch Features in a Medium-Density Oxide Etch Reactor Lam Research Corporation 2/26/99

Dr. John H. Keller Inductive Plasma Sources for Plasma Processing IBM Corporation 4/28/95

Prof. Pramod P. Khargonekar Control to Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment: Real Time Control of a Reactive Ion Etcher University of Michigan 2/11/94

Prof. Richard Knight Plasma Treatment/Conversion of Military Waste Drexel University 9/15/95

Mr. David Kolman A 3-D Two-phase Modeling of Diamond TPCVD with Liquid Feedstock Injection University of Minnesota 1/31/97

Dr. Vladimir Kolobov Non-Equilibrium Electron Kinetics in Collisiona Gas Discharge Plasmas:A Non-Local Approach ERC 1/27/95

Dr. Akihiro Kono and Dr. M. Hori Laser Spectroscopic Measurements of Radical Densities in Processing Nagoya University 10/15/93

Dr. Uwe Kortshagen Experimental Investigation and Modeling of Low Pressure Inductively Coupled Plasmas UW Physics Department 9/22/95

Professor Uwe Kortshagen Improved Kinetic Modeling and Diagnostics of Particle Fluxes from Low Pressure ICP University of Minnesota 11/14/97

Mr. Kevin Kramer A Highly Flexible Framework for Applied Physics Modeling ERC 9/18/92

Prof. Charles Kruger Diamond Synthesis at Atmospheric Pressure Using An Inductively Coupled Plasma Stanford University 4/24/92

Mr. Dick Kuehn North Carolina State University Microelectronics Center North Carolina State University 12/21/90

Dr. Masayuki Kuzuya Mechanism of Plasma Treatment & Preparation of Functionalized Materials Gifu Pharmaceutical University 11/6/98

Prof. Hillary Lackritz Second Order Nonlinear Optical Methods for Examining Electric Field Effects and Polymer Dynamics Purdue University 10/14/94

Prof. James LaFramboise Trolling for Electrons in Space: The TSS-1 Shuttle Tether Experiment York University 4/26/96

Prof. Max G. Lagally Semiconductor Nanostructure: A New Paradigm UW-Madison 10/30/98

Dr. Martin Lampe Quasineutral Particle Simulations of ECR Plasma Processing Devices Naval Research Laboratory 5/12/95

Dr. Barton Lane Modeling of Plasma Flow in a Realistic ECR Deposition Reactor Plasma Dynamics 12/13/91

Prof. J. E. Lawler Radiation Transport in Glow Discharge Plasmas University of Wisconsin 11/15/96

Dr. Ravi Laxman Low FxSiOy Films Using Novel Precursors Schumacher, Inc. 10/13/95

Dr. E. H. Lee Hard and Wear Resistant Polymeric Materials by Ion-Beam Processing Oak Ridge National Laboratories 3/3/95

Dr. J. Tseng-Chung Lee Etching Performance of a Helicon and a Multipole ECR AT&T Bell Laboratories 2/18/94

Mr. Taihyeop Lho Emmissive Probe Characteristic & Asymmetric Plasma Potential Fluctuation in an Inductive Plasma Source C-PAM 2/5/99

Dr. Guifang Li Plasma Polymerized Thin Films for Photonic Applications ERC10/30/92

Prof. M. Lieberman A Traveling-Wave Driven, Inductively-Coupled large Area Plasma Source. Cal Berkeley 3/27/98

*Dr. Lennart J. Lindstrom Process-Induced Defects in Silicon Linkøping University, Sweden 10/9/92

Dr. Graeme Lister Modeling of Discharges for Lighting Osram Sylvania, Inc. 5/3/96

Mr. Henley Liu Recoil Implantation of Boron into Silicon for Ultra-Shallow Junction Formations ERC, University of Wisconsin-Madison 5/2/97

*Mr. Peter Loewenhardt Plasma Production in a Toroidal Heliac by Helicon Waves Australian National University 11/20/91

*Dr. Greg Luckman Photoresist Durbability in Plasma Etching Environments Olin Corporation 4/18/91

Mr. Len Mahoney Characterization of a Broad-Area Planar RF Induction Source for Plasma Deposition and Surface Treatment ERC 9/11/92

Dr. Shamim Malik Spatial and Temporal Sheath Dynamics in Plasma Source Ion Implantation ERC 9/25/92

Mr. Stu Malmberg DC Plasma Jet Structure and Particle Velocities During Plasma Spraying ERC 2/19/93

Dr. Sorin Manolache Plasma-Enhanced Functionalization of Natrual & Synthetic Surfaces C-PAM 11/20/98

Prof. Dennis Manos Neutral Particle Processing of Semiconductors College of William and Mary 11/4/94

Dr. John Martin (with Dr. Y. David Chan) Introductory Vignette on SEMATECH and SEMATECH Plasma Process VLSI SEMATECH 10/8/93

Dr. Nino A. Masnari Advanced Electronic Materials Processing: Program Overview North Carolina State University 10/26/90

Dr. Jesse N. Matossian Prototype, Industrial Demonstrations of Plasma Ion Implantation (PII) Technology Hughes Research Laboratories 9/2/94

*Prof. Richard J. Matyi High Resolution X-Ray Diffraction Analysis of Semiconductor Materials University of Wisconsin 2/12/93

Dr. Robert Mau, Jr. Statistics At the ERC - A Personal Perspective University of Wisconsin 10/18/96

Prof. Robert McGrath Ion and Neutral Species in Dielectric and Metal Etch Discharges Penn State University 3/5/99

Dr. Vincent McKoy Basic Data for Plasma Reactor Modelling: Exploiting Parallel Computers California Institute of Technology 4/7/95

Dr. Susan McNevin The Role of Chemistry in Plasma Etching AT&T Bell Laboratories 5/12/95

Dr. James McVittie Surface Charging Effects During Plasma Etching Stanford University 2/26/93

Dr. James McVittie Transients and Electrode Edge Effects in Plasma Charging Stanford University

Dr. Ellen Meeks Plasma Chemistry and Continuum Modeling for High Plasma-Density Reactors Sandia National Laboratories 3/25/95

Professor Mark Meier The Time Domain Triple Probe Method. University of Texas at Austin 1/30/98

Dr. Bradley M. Melnick Introduction of New Materials into Silicon Semiconductor Manufacturing. Motorola-Semiconductor Products Sector 12/12/97

Mr. James Menart Line-by-Line Method of Computationally Determining the Radiative Transport in a Free-Burning Arc University of Minnesota 2/2/96

Prof. Philip W. Morrison, Jr. In-Situ Infrared Diagnostics of Film and Gas Properties During the Plasma Deposition of Thin Films Case Western Reserve University 1/28/94

Dr. Andrew Mostovych Laser Production of Very High Density Low Temperature Plasma Naval Research Laboratories 12/10/93

Dr. Jay Mucha Growth and Characterization of CVD Diamond Films AT&T 4/10/91

Dr. Krishan Nagpal Robust Regulation for Uncertain Systems University of Michigan 5/2/95

Dr. Pallassana V. Narayanan RF Plasma Processing in Medical Devices Industry. Cordis Corporation 11/21/97

Prof. W. Charles Neely Application of Silent Discharge Plasma to Waste Removal Auburn University 9/20/91

Prof. Gottlieb Oehrlein Chemical Dry Etching and High Density Plasma Etching of Electronic Materials: Mechanistic Studies SUNY-Albany 2/9/96

Prof. Gottlieb Oehrlein Oxide Etching Mechanisms in High-Density Plasmas and Plans SUNYAlbany 5/6/94

Prof. Lawrence Overzet What Happens When You Pulse the Power to a Discharge University of Texas at Dallas 4/12/96

Dr. Gerry Owen Unit Magnification of 0.16µ Optical Lithography Hewlett-Packard 2/17/95

Ms. Y. Vickie Pan Study of MMA Plasma Chemistry Using In Situ (FTIR) Spectroscopy ERC11/22/96

Prof. Stella W. Pang Plasma Processing With Low Ion Energy and Low Temperature University of Michigan 12/11/92

Dr. John C. Parker Application Opportunities For Nanoparticles Made From the Condensation Nanophase Technologies Corporation of Plasma Generated Physical Vapors

Dr. William E. Partlow Diamond-Like Carbon Films Westinghouse Science and Technology Center 3/4/94

Dr. Bernie M. Penetrante Physics, Chemistry, and Economics of Non-Thermal Plasma Processing Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories 9/10/93

Dr. Emil Pfender High Rate Diamond Deposition with Thermal Plasma Jets ERC, University of Minnesota 5/3/91

Dr. Emil Pfender Recent Results of Wire-Arc Spraying Studies ERC, University of Minnesota 5/10/96

Dr. Marie-Pierre Planche Study of the Fluctuations in a D.C. Plasma Torch University of Minnesota 3/22/96

Dr. Richard Post Microwave Plasma ECR Deposition of Diamond and Si-X Coatings Applied Science and Technology 8/22/91

Dr. Olivier Postel Deposition, Gas Phase Chemistry & Growth Mechanism of Boron Carbide Thin Films University of Minnesota 1/29/99

Mr. Anthony K. Quick Recent Experiments on the UW Helicon Plasma Etcher ERC, University of Wisconsin-Madison 5/9/97

Mr. Boris Ratchev Adhesion of Metallic Coatings on Polymeric Surfaces ERC 9/9/94

Prof. Buddy Ratner Plasma Deposited Thin Polymeric Layers University of Washington 3/7/97

Dr. Shahid Rauf Dynamics of Nonlinear Plasma Ciruit Interaction Universtiy of Illinois 9/18/98

Dr. Edward A. Rietman Modeling and Control of Plasma Etching with Neural Networks AT&T Bell Laboratories 4/2/93

Dr. Merle E. Riley Numerical Simulation of Low-Temperature Plasmas and Comparison with Experiment Sandia National Laboratories 4/15/94

Prof. Jeffrey T. Roberts Chemistry at the Surfaces of Well-Defined Solids, Both Molecular and Metallic University of Minnesota 2/21/92

Prof. Jeffrey Roberts The Deposition of Diamond Films in a Thermal Plasma Reactor: Growth Mechanism and its Influence on Film Morphology University of Minnesota 11/10/95

Dr. Louis A. Rosocha Destruction of Hazardous Wastes Using Nonequilibrium Plasmas Los Alamos National Laboratories 4/10/92

Dr. Roger Rowell Development of High Performance Composite Materials Based on Agro-Resources Forest Products Laboratory, UW4/25/97

Mr. Steven Russ Investigating the Flow Structure of a Thermal Plasma Jet University of Minnesota 11/16/90

Prof. David Ruzic Plasma Material Interactions University of Illinois 2/22/91

Dr. Moshe Sarfaty Plasma Characterization and Real-Time Diagnostics and Control of Plasma Etch Rates University of Wisconsin 2/13/98

Prof. Ahmed Sameh Parallel Solvers for Saddle-Point Problems University of Minnesota 11/5/93

Dr. Seiji Samukawa Effects of Discharge Frequency on EEDF & Etching Characteristics in High Density Plasma. NEC Corporation 10/10/97

*Dr. Bruce Sartwell Recent Developments in Ion Implantation and Ion Beam Assisted Deposition at NRL Naval Research Laboratory 10/25/91

Dr. Stephen Savas An Inductively Coupled Plasma Source for Photoresist Ashing. Mattson Technologies 2/20/98

Dr. Jochen Schein Investigation of Arc Spot Formation on Cold Cathodes ERC, University of Minnesota 3/21/97

Dr. Lou Ann Schwager Effects of Cold Electron Emission of the Plasma Sheath Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories 10/5/90

Dr. Karen Seaward ECR Deposition of Silicon Oxide and Nitride Hewlett-Packard Company 4/19/91

Dr. Karen Seaward On the Role of Ions in Electron Cyclotron Resonance Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition of Silicon Dioxide Hewlett-Packard Company 5/7/93

Dr. Karen Seaward Semiconductor Damage from Plasma Etching and Deposition Hewlett-Packard Company 5/1/92

Prof. Greg Severn Argon Ion Laser-Induced Fluorescence with Diode Lasers. University of San Diego 1/23/98

Dr. K.C. Shaing Collisionless Electron Heating in Inductively Coupled Discharges University of Texas-Austin 9/20/96

Dr. Eric S.G. Shaqfeh Simulation of Profile Evolution In Plasma RIE With Surface Transport Stanford University 10/2/92

Prof. Terrence Sheridan Electron Distributions in Sputtering Magnetron Discharges West Virginia University 3/20/92

Prof. J. Leon Shohet Plasma-Aided Manufacturing (seminar given at the University of Minnesota) ERC 4/26/89

Prof. Paul Sides Plasma-Activated Chemical Vapor Deposition (PACVD) for Data Storage Applications Carnegie Mellon University 9/29/95

Prof. Fred Skiff Learning From Test Particles University of Maryland College Park 10/7/94

Dr. Donald Smith Controlling the Plasma Chemistry of Silicon Nitride and Oxide Deposition from Silane Xerox Palo Alto Research Center 11/6/92

Prof. Ronald Smith Thermal Plasma Synthesis of Advanced Composite Materials Drexel University 4/16/93

Dr. Tim Sommerer Hybrid Models of Capactively-Coupled and Inductively-Coupled Plasma-Aided Materials Processing Discharges University of Illinois-Urbana 12/6/91

Dr. Lois Speaker Langmuir-Blodgett Films: Superficial Laboratory Toys or Substrates for New Materials Opportunities Eastman Kodak Corporation 11/20/92

Dr. Kumar Sridharan Surface Modification of Materials by Plasma Source Ion Implantation ERC 2/1/91

Dr. Kumar Sridharan Surface Modification by Plasma Source Ion Implantation UW-Madison 3/19/99

Prof. Christoph Steinbruchel Plasma Diagnostics, Etch Mechanisms and the Fine-LIne Patterning of Polymers. Center for Industrial Innovation, RPI 10/31/97

Prof. James Stevens Plasma Waves in Processing Applications Princeton University 4/8/94

Dr. Richard Stewart Induction Probe Characterization of Argon and CF4 Discharges in a Planar Inductively Coupled Plasma Source RFERC 2/16/96

Dr. Regan W. Stinnett Ion Beam Surface Treatment: A New Capability for Surface Enhancement Sandia National Laboratories 2/10/95

Prof. Paul Strykowski The Effects of Density and Velocity Ratio on the Stability of Subsonic Jets University of Minnesota 12/14/90

Dr. M. Surendra Across-wafer Uniformity in Plasma Etching Systems: Experiments, Diagnostics, and Modeling IBM 10/4/96

Dr. M. Surendra Capacitive RF Discharge Characteristics Through Particle Simulations IBM 3/5/93

Dr. Michael A. Tamor Synthesis, Properties and Applications of Superhard Amorphous Coatings Ford Motor Company 3/10/95

Prof. Richard B. Timmons Film Chemistry Control during Plasma Polymerizations University of Texas at Arlington 3/29/96

Mr. Jeffrey Tobin Plasma Polymerization for Use in Microelectronics ERC 11/30/90

Dr. Jury Tolmachev Low Temperature Synthesis of Polycluster Diamond Films Academy of Science of USSR 11/6/90

Professor Miles Turner Hysteresis and the E-H Mode Transition in Inductively Coupled Discharges. University of California-Berkeley 3/6/98

Dr. Vahid Vahedi Analytic Modeling and Simulation of Inductively Coupled Plasma Sources University of California Berkeley 3/11/94

Dr. Peter Ventzek Equipment Scale Simulations for Copper IMP-PVD: Plasma Characterization & Validation Motorola, Inc.12/18/98

Dr. Peter Ventzek Simulations of Inductively Coupled Plasma Sources for Etching Applications University of Illinois Urbana 9/3/93

Prof. Daniel Wang Activities at M.I.T.s Biotechnology Process Engineering Center Massachusetts Institute of Technology 11/3/95

Dr. Wei Wang Ionized Sputtering for Microelectronics Application ERC, University of Wisconsin-Madison 4/4/97

Dr. John F. Waymouth Applications of Microwave Discharges to High-Power Light Sources Consultant 4/30/93

Prof. Amy Wendt Electron Heating by Sheaths in RF Discharges ERC 9/6/91

Prof. Amy Wendt Plasma Processing in Japan ERC 9/21/90

Prof. Amy Wendt RF Power Coupling in Inductively-Coupled Plasma Sources ERC 4/24/98

Dr. Amy Wong Biofilm in Food Processing Environments Food Research Institute, UW 4/11/97

Prof. R. Claude Woods Comparison of Spectroscopic Diag. as Applied to Etching & Deposition Plasmas ERC 9/11/98

Prof. R. Claude Woods Ion Dynamics in a Downstream Electron Cyclotron Resonance Plasma ERC 10/18/91

Prof. Raymond Young Plasma Chemistry-Polymerization, Modifications, and Applications ERC1/29/93

Mr. X. Zhou Investigation of Arc-Thermionic Cathode Interaction University of Minnesota 2/24/95

Dr. David Qian Zhuang Modeling of Transient High Temperature Turbulent Arc Jets In Coaxial Accelerating Flow University of Minnesota 2/7/92

Prof. Stewart Zweben Applications Research at Princeton Plasma Physics Lab Princeton University 5/1/98

Dr. Ion C. Abraham Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy of Neutral Fragment Molecules University of Wisconsin-Madison